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Solar panels can reduce your annual electricity bills by up to 70% when combined with a battery storage system. With annual electricity bills increasing on average 8% per year you can recoup the costs of an installation within 8 to 10 years.


Just submit your details above, we will then complete a remote survey and send you a FREE no-obligation detailed Solar PV design.

If you're happy with the initial quote and design we will arrange a site visit to check your current electrical system and ensure it is suitable for a solar PV installation.

Once you have booked a date for the installation, if necessary, we will arrange for scaffolding to be erected. We will then attend and install your new Solar PV system.


The average installation takes between one and two days!

From sunlight to power

Step 1 – Solar panels convert sunlight into direct current electricity.

Step 2 – The inverter turns Direct Current electricity into Alternating Current electricity.

Step 3 – Alternating Current runs into your home and supplies power.

Step 4 – Excess power feeds back to the grid via your supplier or gets stored in the batteries for use at night.

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How we install solar pv

Benefits of solar

Earn money

Earn money by selling excess energy back to the grid.

Save money

Protect yourself against energy supplier price hikes by generating and storing your own electricity.

clean energy

Help the enviroment by reducing your Co2 output by generating your own energy.

low maintenance

Solar panels are generally low maintenance. Just keep them clean and they are good to go!


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Every quote we provide includes scaffolding, installation, certification & VAT. All of our designs are produced with maximum efficiency in mind!

We work with a lot of manufacturers and every system is bespoke. We can also supply off-grid systems for those who want to be completely independent from the grid! You can make savings of up to £30,000 with a solar and battery system*. 


Solar packages start from just £4995. Solar and battery packages start from just £6995.

(*Savings and earnings are dependant on numerous factors such as but not limited to orientation, size of system and consumption)

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Helping build a greener future one Solar panel at a time

We don't just power homes, we can also power your business. With more and more demand for companies to go carbon neutral, solar power is a great way to get a head start.

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