We can design, supply and install large-scale solar PV systems along with ongoing maintenance and inspection contracts.

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With the push for net-zero and more and more pressure being put on businesses to 'go green' one simple and cost-effective way is to opt for a solar pv installation.


Solar panels can reduce your annual electricity bills by up to 70% when combined with a battery storage system. With annual electricity bills increasing on average 8% per year you can recoup the costs of an installation within 8 to 10 years.


Just submit your details above, we will then complete a remote survey and send you a FREE no-obligation detailed Solar PV design for your business.

If you're happy with the initial quote and design we will arrange a site visit to check your current electrical system and ensure it is suitable for a solar PV installation.

Benefits of solar

public opinion

Going green can help the image of your business. Switching to solar shows the public and your customers that you are committed to net-zero.

Save money

Protect yourself against energy supplier price hikes by generating and storing your own electricity.

clean energy

Help the enviroment by reducing your Co2 output by generating your own energy.

low maintenance

Solar panels are generally low maintenance. Ask us about our yearly maintenance packages.

Maintenance Packages

Solar Panel Installation

Just like regular electrical inspections, businesses need to ensure any equipment on site is safe for continued use. We can offer one-off or ongoing yearly maintenance and inspection contracts. We inspect every panel for damage, all connections are checked along with visual inspection of cables, inverters and batteries. We conduct electrical tests on all solar strings and circuits. We also clean the panels to ensure you are getting 100% efficiency.


Following out inspections you will be sent a detailed report so you can rest assured your system is safe for continued use.

Our rates are extremely competitive so get in touch today and see how we can help you maintain your system.

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